Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LDK is settled up North

So as some of you may know my family, myself, and LDK has moved up to Afognak Island, Alaska. This move meant that I had to close Lovey Dove Knits for a few months. Well we are here and all set up...kinda :( The problem with living on a remote island is that we are completely dependent on float planes to deliver the mail and take the mail to Kodiak. During the summer it's no problem but during the winter, it could be weeks before we see a plane. So because delivery is so inconsistent, LDK is closed until the weather gets better in the spring. I'd hate to have someone order something and have it sit here for a month or more!

So in the spring, I will have new items including hand dyed fibers and maybe even some hand spun! I update new items and opening dates on Facebook regularly, so check with me there for the latest info!

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