Thursday, July 22, 2010

Corn, bamboo, and pearl...yarn?

Why, yes and why not? With technology today and everyone trying to lower their carbon footprint, I say that it is about time and bring it on! I LOVE unique fibers and these fibers are what inspired my tag line "Specializing in all knits unique". My only problem is that it is so hard for me to use the hanks and hanks and balls and balls of these unique fibers. Not hard in the aspect that I have tons of these wonder yarns, but that it is so hard to find a pattern deserving of using such luxurious and awe inspiring mediums.
But the day has come and I have had some corn yarn begging to be used and as I sat down in an emotional process that I don't care to share...ok I was stressing about it, I'm working on it :)... I made this beauty of a hat. Part of the reason that I stress about using this product is that it is quite expensive and is supposed to be knit on #4 needles or about a size F crochet hook. It's teeny yarn and it takes a bunch to make a project. So it's emotional!
This hat was made using 100% Corn yarn. Yes, real corn just like what you are having with dinner! It is made by making the corn into a slurry then the mixture is spun to extract the starches which are then extruded into a very fine and eco-friendly fiber. Even if you have a corn allergy, you can still wear corn fiber and not only is it super soft, cooler than cotton, stain resistant, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic, it is machine washable and dryable too!
The flower is made from the most luxurious yarn in my stash, Sublime Bamboo Pearl. This too is an eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic fiber that is also antimicrobial and machine washable and dryable to boot! The pearls are freshwater pearls that are ground into a fine powder then spun into a fiber than is then spun with bamboo viscose to make the final product. It is by far the softest fiber I have ever felt!
So there it is folks, the low down on two of my most favorite yarns that have FINALLY made it out of my yarn stash and into a finished product.
By the way, if you ever go to your LYS and get into the Sublime stash there, or if you are thinking of finding anything made by Sublime, have about your yearly yarn supply budget doubled and ready to go in one fell swoop because this stuff is addicting! Like sickeningly addicting. The Lilli Blanket is made out of Sublim Cashmere Super Fine Merino Silk Aran Yarn and it took nearly 200 hours to make. When I say "it was like butter through my fingers" in my sales description, I mean it. All of the Sublime yarn is worth every red hot cent that you spend on it. Consider yourself warned!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Will knit for Dutch Bros Coffee

For those that know me, they know that I almost always have a Dutch Bros Coffee Kahlua Kicker in my hand. Don't ask me why it is called a Kahlua Kicker, all I know is that it is pure joy to have one. I started drinking them ever since they opened about 3 years ago so I must be closing in on my 1,000th mocha, heck, I've probably surpassed that!

With all those trips to Dutch Bros, I have had the opportunity to get to know the gals and guys there fairly well!

One of the gals had mentioned that one of the other gals daughter was turning 1 next weekend, so I wanted to make her an Owl Hat. The hat is cuter than anything I think I've ever seen for kids!

I was super stoked because I actually had the chance to use the Sublime Bamboo Pearl Yarn that had been burning a hole in my yarn stash, but I couldn't stand to use. It is too special because it is the softest yarn I have ever felt and is made from bamboo and pearl viscose. That means that real pearls where ground to a fine powder then spun into a fiber to make the yarn. How cool is that! The best part, it is machine wash and dry! The Sublime yarn was used to make the pink and white I said, I have a hard time using this yarn so I will use baby steps ;)

Here it is!