Friday, July 2, 2010

Will knit for Dutch Bros Coffee

For those that know me, they know that I almost always have a Dutch Bros Coffee Kahlua Kicker in my hand. Don't ask me why it is called a Kahlua Kicker, all I know is that it is pure joy to have one. I started drinking them ever since they opened about 3 years ago so I must be closing in on my 1,000th mocha, heck, I've probably surpassed that!

With all those trips to Dutch Bros, I have had the opportunity to get to know the gals and guys there fairly well!

One of the gals had mentioned that one of the other gals daughter was turning 1 next weekend, so I wanted to make her an Owl Hat. The hat is cuter than anything I think I've ever seen for kids!

I was super stoked because I actually had the chance to use the Sublime Bamboo Pearl Yarn that had been burning a hole in my yarn stash, but I couldn't stand to use. It is too special because it is the softest yarn I have ever felt and is made from bamboo and pearl viscose. That means that real pearls where ground to a fine powder then spun into a fiber to make the yarn. How cool is that! The best part, it is machine wash and dry! The Sublime yarn was used to make the pink and white I said, I have a hard time using this yarn so I will use baby steps ;)

Here it is!


  1. Tara, that is so freaking cute!!! I'm so excited that you're making me one. You're the best.

    P.S. Today I linked to your blog from mine :)